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Stored once, securely, used by authorized people. 

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Exchange Online

Thanks to exchange all your precious Mail, Contact, Notes & Calendar data is stored at Safe place but more than stored Exchange gives to you the ability to sync them with many devices you want. More again, you can also share any pieces of your data with you colleagues at different levels of authorization.

don't call it mailbox - Call it collaboration box.

Odoo Members  More than just a file server ! 

Sharepoint Foundation

More than just filesharing Sharepoint enable your organization to control and sotre documents. Sharepoint is not a file server it is file collaboration server. You can create many sharepoint subsite for working groups/projects or other purposes. You can also give third party access to them to work all together to a single version of the truth. 

Sharepoint solve the biggest file issue. Many Version, zero security.

When you have a file travelling by mail or on usb keys or copied thousand times on the same file server or many, you can quickly lost witch version is the right one, but also you can lost precious time and money when many people work at the same time on the two different versions. Worse ever, if the confidentiality of the document is mandatory, what happens with solen or lost laptops or USB keys ? Sharepoint solve this.
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