Microsoft Sharepoint Foundation Online

With Sharepoint Online, find, organize & follow crucial information you want to share intenally with your colleagues, clients or sub contractors.

Start Now using Sharepoint Online powered by Cloud-Power.

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Microsoft Exchange

Thanks to Microsoft Exchange 2013 you will be alble to share & Sync Contacts online between all your peripherals & with all your collegues. Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Share and sync Everything easily.

Start Now using Exchange 2013 Hosted by Cloud-Power !  

Our Offers

Sharepoint Foundation Online 


9 .99

5gb/unlimitted users
  • Ideal for small collaboration group.
  • One site collection with unlimitted subsites
  • Right Management
  • Helpdesk

Exchange Online


5 .00

user / month (billed annually)
  • Email/Calendar/contact Collaboration Suite
  • Storage : 25gb
  • Smartphone Sync (unlimitted devices)
  • All Exchange Pro Features
  • Provisionning tools trough the client area on our site
  • help to setup domain Name.

Exchange + Sharepoint Online

6 .50

user / month (billed annually)
  • Complete collaboration Suite
  • Storage Sharepoint 10gb/10users
  • Storage Exchange 25gb/user
  • Same Features as Exchange Online & Sharepoint Online.